If you are in the market for arta poble oxygen concentrator then you may find yourself facing several questions related to oxygen concentrators. At American Medical products we have an on-staff Respiratory Therapist who has over 20 years of experience providing patients with outstanding personal care. Allow us to introduce our on-staff Respiratory Therapist, Shabana Baig CRTT. Shabana has an exceptional knowledge of portable oxygen concentrators and the conditions that require the use of a portable oxygen concentrator. Shabana can help to answer any questions that you may have about your breathing problems, choosing a portable oxygen concentrator, and also problems with your portable oxygen concentrators. Selecting The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator For Your Needs If you would like assistance in selecting the best oxygen concentrator for your needs, please allow our on-staff Respiratory Therapist assist you. Shabana will be able to assess your unique medical needs for a portable oxygen concentrator and help to match you with an oxygen concentrator that will fit your medical condition and your active lifestyle. At American Medical Products, along with our expert Respiratory Therapist, we recognize the need that our clients have for the best there is in portable oxygen concentrators so that they are no longer housebound to large and unwieldy machines that help to treat a variety of medical conditions! This is why we make it our goal to provide you the best service possible to make your experience one that is To get assistance with selecting the best oxygen concentrators, please fill out the form on this page. Please note that this form should only be used to consult with our Respiratory Therapist about selecting the best oxygen concentrator for your needs – all other concerns should discussed in our consulting forum for the most rapid response. Troubleshooting And Maintenance Assistance American Medical Products offers our customers an online forum that can help you to get many of your questions and troubleshooting answers related to your portable oxygen concentrator. Our on-staff Respiratory Therapist will be able to address the questions, concerns, and troubleshooting issues that you have, including the following: -If you are experiencing difficulty with using your oxygen concentrator – answers can be found in the forum. -For maintenance tips to ensure that your portable oxygen concentrator is kept fully operational without major problems – answers can be found in the forum. -For warranty and return policies please review any materials that accompanied your portable oxygen concentrator and ask any additional questions in the forum. -If you need assistance in obtaining a prescription from your doctor then ask your questions in the forum! If you have questions about your breathing issues then be sure to run any major concerns through your doctor to ensure that your issues are nothing new that should be further explored by your team of medical professionals. Please remember that while our staff Respiratory Therapist is experienced and knowledgeable, your consult with Shabana should not replace the instructions or medical advice that your physician has given to you. Prior to your consult with our Respiratory Therapist, please disclose any pertinent medical information so that we can provide you with the best suggestions for selecting oxygen concentrators.

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