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Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One  G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen therapy on the go!

If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator that can provide an oxygen user with incredible freedom, mobility, and portability whether at home or on the go – the Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator could just be the right choice to meet your needs.

In addition to the great freedom offered by the Inogen One G2, one of the best features is that it makes its own oxygen. This great feature means that oxygen users can have a much higher level of freedom as they no longer have the need to rely on refilling oxygen tanks. Additionally, oxygen users can let go of the stress that very often accompanies the fear of running out of oxygen while they are on the go.

 When the Inogen One G2 is compared to its predecessor, users can see that the current generation is much smaller, much lighter, has an extended battery life, and can make much more oxygen for the users.

Here are a few key benefits to using the Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrators
- Freedom and independence. For an oxygen patient who has spent years being virtually housebound and attached to a large oxygen tank, the freedom and independence offered by the Inogen One G2 is simply liberating! As an FAA approved oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One G2 can provide users with the freedom to take to the skies!
- Stress relief. Oxygen users can let go of the stress related to worrying about refilling their oxygen tanks and worrying about how long their oxygen will last when they are out of their homes. The Inogen One G2 makes its own oxygen which can remove an incredible burden of stress from the shoulders from an oxygen user!
- Increased portability. The Inogen One G2 is much more portable that other oxygen concentrators – it is smaller and significantly lighter than its competitors and offers superb power without accompanying noise!
- Around the clock use. Unlike many portable oxygen concentrators, the Inogen One G2 can be used both while on the go during the day and at night to provide an uninterrupted flow of oxygen – making it an ideal all-purpose oxygen concentrator!
- Easy operation. The Inogen One G2 offers oxygen users an incredible ease of use; with an easy to read and easy to operate digital display and the barest minimum in buttons, even the most un-tech-savvy person can use this oxygen concentrator with the greatest of ease.
- Great battery life. With the standard battery, the Inogen One G2 can offer users up to four hours of battery life; if users purchase the extended life battery they will be able to get up to eight hours of freedom on a full charge. Your portable oxygen concentrator can be plugged in to any outlet, and even the “cigarette adapter” outlets in cars, or on boats.

With a standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that the Inogen One G2 offers as much reliability as it does freedom and independence!


  • Delivers oxygen in pulse mode
  • FAA Approved for Air Travel and In-Flight Use
  • Flexible, reliable, and easy to operate
  • Very quiet
  • Includes everything you need to take the Inogen One G2  Portable Oxygen Concentrator with you almost anywhere
  • Convenient control panel showing easy-to-read Battery Status Gauge and liter flow controls
  • Easily accessible filter compartment



  • Flow Mode: Pulse mode
  • Pulse Flow Settings: 1-5 LPM
  • Weight: 19 lbs with battery pack and shoulder bag
  • Dimension: 9.5" H x 10.7" W x 3.9" D
  • Battery Life at 2 Hours Continuous Flow: Up to 2.5 hours
  • Battery Life at 2 Hours Pulse Flow: Up to 4.7 hours
  • Operating Altitude: Up to 10,000 feet
  • Cart Wheels: 4" hardened rubber
  • FAA Approved For Air Travel

Full 3-year Warranty (U.S. units only)

  • 3-year limited warranty for the iGo Portable Oxygen System

Complete with Everything You Need to Operate Everywhere

  • iGo Portable Oxygen System (in choice of 1- or 2-battery system)
  • Home AC power cord
  • Car DC power cord
  • Rolling carry bag
  • User manual




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  • Author: Je ff deak
    excellent device as both portable and stationary oxygen concentrator
  • Author: Amanda
    I'm little bit angry, because i bought it here, and today i found it cheaper here: http://tiny.cc/r2og2w

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