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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

When you, the Customer, place or make a purchase order with American Medical Products dba oxygenconcentratorsportable.com you, accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions are subject to change without the need for prior Customer notification; the terms and conditions that are posted on the American Medical Products website at the time of purchase order placement will be the set of conditions governing over any discrepancies of the order in concern.

All of the prices listed on the American Medical Products website is subject to change without prior notification. Oxygenconcentratorsportable.com holds and reserves the right to adjust product pricing for the following reasons:
- Changes in manufacturing pricing
- Changes in the conditions in the market
- The discontinuation of a product line
- Errors in advertising

Should the business need to modify pricing for any reason, Oxygenconcentratorsportable.com reserves the right to do so.

American Medical Products will make the utmost effort to provide Customers with the most accurate pricing information; however, we hold no liability or responsibility for any error or pricing omissions within our website’s content.

Customers should note that purchase orders are not considered to be accepted until the Customer has received a confirmation of the order from American Medical Products. One the order has been accepted, the order cannot be canceled by the Customer unless one or more of the following conditions are met:
- The order is cancelled after it has shipped and is refused upon delivery by the Customer; please note that refused shipments are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Any incurred shipping costs are non-refundable, under any circumstance.
- The order is cancelled before it has shipped; the credit card that was used to place the order will be charged a non-refundable one-time cancellation fee that totals 5% of the invoice amount.

The following details the American Medical Products payment policy, please review it to gain an understanding.
- Payments are accepted via American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa.
- American Medical Products will not be able to accept payments via COD or from credit cards that are issued by financial institutions that are outside of the USA.
- Payments can also be accepted via Wire Transfer, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Bank Checks, and Cashier Check. Please keep in mind that shipping will be held until the payments have been cleared by our financial institution.

If you have questions related to our payment policy, please contact us so that we may resolve your questions.


·        American Medical Products will make every effort to ship ordered products on the same day that the order is place; however, shipping is subject to the in-house availability of products.

·        All shipments sent by American Medical Products will be insured and guaranteed against product loss, theft, and from damage that may occur during the shipping process.American Medical Products, however, cannot be held as the responsible party for any damage or loss that arises due to a delay in the shipment for reasons that include natural disasters, strikes, or unforeseen government action.

·        While in transit, product shipments cannot be rerouted; any requests for shipment rerouting will result in the shipment being returned to American Medical Products. The Customer will be held liable for all incurred shipping charges – as stated under the Return Policy.

·        Shipments that are deemed to be undeliverable or that are refused will be subject to a non-refundable 10% restocking fee. The Customer will be responsible for any additional losses that American Medical Products may incur as a result of an inability to deliver the shipment.

·        For our Customer’s protection, products will only be shipped to the verified billing address that is used for the credit card that the order was billed to.

·        If the product shipment arrives damaged and the damage is determined to be the result negligence on the carrier’s part, the package should be refused back into the hands of the carrier who made the delivery. Please note that if you opt to accept the damaged package you need to ensure that the carrier’s delivery record holds a note that relays the damage and the extent of the damage so that a claim for reimbursement can be filed. The Customer should save all original shipping materials and should contact American Medical Products within three business days so that an inspection by the carrier can be scheduled. The Customer should also take note that if American Medical Products is not notified of the damage within three business days, our Return Policy takes immediate precedent over any claims of shipping damage.

·        American Medical Products will not permit order pickups by the Customer; all orders and returns placed with us will be delivered to the Customer via courier shipment.

·        American Medical Products may have the need to split your order into multiple shipments if any ordered items are not currently being held in stock. The Customer should note that only shipped items will be charged; the remaining items will be put on back-order and the Customer will be charged for them once they have become available and have shipped.


·        Product returns without a valid RMA number will not be accepted by American Medical Products.

·        The Customer should note that any merchandise that is returned to our warehouse without an accompanying valid RMA number will be immediately refused and the merchandise will be shipped back to the Customer at the Customer’s expense.

·        The issued RMA number will be valid for 15 days from the date of issuance; the product must be in its original packaging and there should not be any damage to the product itself. All manuals and accessories that originally accompanied your order must be included with the returned product.

·        The Customer should note that the Return Policy for accessories, including batteries, carts, and chargers, is limited to 7 days. No RMA’s will be issued for accessories beyond the 7th day.

·        Any products that are returned to American Medical Products need to be accompanied by the original order documentation, including the sales receipt.

·        The Customer should note that any disposable supplies like tubings, nasal cannulas, and bubble humidifiers are not refundable once they have been opened. Unopened supplies can be returned within 14 days of purchase date. A restocking fee of 20% will be charged on returned supplies; this restocking fee is non-negotiable.

·        Portable Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Concentrators can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The returned products must be in good physical condition with no apparent damage to the units. All accessories, manuals, and user guides must be returned in their original condition. A 25% restocking fee of the original price will be applied on all returned devices. The cost of shipping is non-refundable.



·        American Medical Products can only accept defective items when they are returned within 14 days of receipt of the products. If the defective products are returned within 7 days of receipt, the Customer will be exempt from a restocking fee. Defective items that are returned after the 7th day will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please note that the shipping fee is non-refundable. After the 14 day period the manufacturer’s warranties apply.

·        Non-defective returns will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. American Medical Products reserves the right to modify the restocking fee based upon the condition of the products.

·        The Customer should note that any merchandise returns that are not returned in like-new condition, including the original packaging and materials will be subject to a non-negotiable 15% restocking fee. Additional fees could be assessed upon receipt of the returned product, based upon the determined condition of the products.

·        American Medical Products will not be held responsible for the shipping of any returns to our warehouse; the Customer is liable for all shipping charges that may be incurred. American Medical Products will not be held liable for any incurred product damage during the return shipping.

·        Customers should note that the exchange turnaround time is within 4 business days from date of receiving the returned product in-house. The Customer should note that American Medical Products does make every effort to process return claims within 5 business days – there may be extenuating circumstances that could delay the process.

·        Customers who are awaiting full refunds should allow up to five business days for the refund to be processed.

·        Replacement products that are sent to the Customer will be shipped via ground courier service in the continental United States. The Customer can expedite the shipping, at the Customer’s own expense.

·        Please note that a valid RMA number needs to be marked clearly on the outside of the package and a copy of all purchase materials needs be included with the shipment.

·        The Customer should note that American Medical Products reserves the right to provide a product that is of equal value for any equipment replacement and exchange in event that an exact replacement is not available.


·        Product refunds can only be processed within 5 days of the Customer’s receipt of the product; refunds for products that are non-defective are subject to a non-negotiable restocking fee of 15%.

·        Any defective items that are returned within 7 days of the Customer’s receipt of the product will qualify for a full refund.

·        The Customer should note that any defective items that are returned after 7 days of receiving the product will be subject to a non-negotiable 10% restocking fee.

·        The Customer should be aware that all shipping charges are non-refundable.


·        The Customer should be aware that any and all products that are purchased as Clearance products fall under a “No Return Policy.” There are no exceptions to this rule.

·        Products that are listed as being on Clearance are limited to the stock that American Medical Products has on hand; we apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience that this could cause our Customers should American Medical Products need to cancel an order due to a lack of available inventory.

·        All of the products listed on the American Medical Products website as Clearance items have been completely inspected by our team of professionals and are in like-new working condition.

·        The Customer should note that no coupons or rebates can be applied to Clearance products, including coupons related to discounted shipping.

The Customer should note that the Standard Terms & Conditions do not apply to products listed as clearance.