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Oxygenconcentratorsportable.com, aka American medical Products, is not able to provide our customers with a warranty on the new products that we offer as they are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty; however, we offer our customers a limited return or exchange policy of 30 days on new products. For more information related to our return policy please view our return policy page.


The Manufacturer’s Warranty
All of the products sold by American Medical Products are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the products for up to five years – effective from the purchase date. The manufacturer’s warranty covers any needed repairs and the replacement of any parts that are deemed to be irreparable and defective.


Conditions Of The Manufacturer’s Warranty
It is important to note that the warranty for your products may be slightly different from those listed below so be certain that you verify the conditions related to the warranty of your specific products. The materials and documentation that accompany your portable oxygen concentrator and any other devices that you purchase will contain all of the applicable information related to your warranty.


·       The manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if the serial numbers of your portable oxygen concentrators are altered, removed, or make otherwise illegible.

·       If the documentation accompanying a broken unit is illegible or is incompatible with the manufacturer’s records, the manufacturer reserves the right to refuse a free of charge warranty repair service.

·       Keep in mind that the repair of your product might include the replacement of new or refurbished parts that have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they are in good working condition.

·       Any parts that have been replaced in your units are generally covered under the terms of the original warranty on the unit – including the original warranty period of time.

·       The manufacturers will not extend the term of the warranty, under any circumstances – even if the units have undergone warranty repairs prior to the expiration of the warranty.



Items That Are Not Covered Under The Manufacturer’s Warranty
It is important to note that the warranty provided by the manufacturer will become null and void if the damage found on the products are discovered to be due to user misuse, tampering or an inability to care correctly for the products as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer’s warranty will be deemed to be invalid if any repairs or modifications are carried out by unauthorized persons.


For example:

-        Damage that has resulted from using the product in a manner other than the manner for which it was designed.

-        Damage that has arisen from the misuse, or general neglect of the product.

-        Damage that is the result of the improper installation of unauthorized software applications, or any other type of modification to the unit.

-        Damage that is the result of the exposure to food or liquids.

-        Damage that has resulted from the product being modified by a person or company other than the manufacturer.

-        Damage to any external surfaces of the product that has resulted from the normal use of the product. Wear and tear markings are normal and should be expected.


Products That Are Out Of Warranty
If your product is in need of repair and is determined to be out of warranty, American Medical Products can provide you with a repair service. The cost of the repair, which will be at your personal expense, can only be quoted once the unit has been examined and the problems correctly diagnosed. The repairs that American Medical Products offer are guaranteed for up to 90 days and cover defects in the products used and in the workmanship.


Please note that the customer is responsible for any chipping charges that may be incurred during the process of repairing the products.


At American Medical Products we are fully committed towards ensuring that you are completely satisfied; do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve your warranty repair needs!


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