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Your Privacy


At American Medical Products we value and appreciate your business; with this in mind we work hard towards providing our customers with the highest levels of security and protection for their personal data so that they can shop in our online store without worrying about the confidentiality of their personal data. Your personal information, along with your credit card and billing details will be protected using only the highest levels of security and safety.

If you have any concerns about the security of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact American Medical Products so that we can put your mind at ease.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
American medical Products strictly adheres to the HIPAA privacy rules for all of our patients and our customers. Please familiarize yourself with the HIPAA Privacy Rules along with reading our privacy policy.

The Information That We Maintain
When Customers visit our website we collect two forms of data from you in order to ensure that your time spent on our website runs smoothly, and it also helps us to ensure that future orders with our company are placed much more efficiently.

The personal information that you provide to us during the creation of an account, while registering for our newsletters, or while placing an order is maintained in our secure files.

We also maintain information that relates to the way in which our valued customers browse our website; this information, while useless to anyone else, allows us to determine the best methods of incorporating new customer-friendly improvements to our website in order to improve our customer’s shopping experience.

How Your Information Is Used
You should note that your personal information is never shared with third parties; the information that is provided to us by our customers is used exclusively to help us provide you with outstanding customer service. There may be occasions where we send information to our customers related to improvements to our website, our product lines, new services, and also useful information that relates to any promotions that may be found interesting by our valued customers.

Cookies – And How They Are Used
A search on the term “cookie” will bring up a lot of information related to cookies and how they can compromise all of your personal data. However, rest assured that at American Medical Products we use cutting edge technology to provide our customers with safety features that will ensure the data we maintain is safe and does not compromise your security in any manner.

The cookies that we use on our website are used to differentiate our valued customers from one another so that we can provide you with a unique and customized experience while shopping on our website.

Our cookies do not gather or carry personal information from you and will not store any personal information; cookies will not be used to capture your banking information.

Third Party Involvement
American Medical Products may use a third party to help us operate our business in a much more efficient manner – either by sending out our business newsletters or by processing credit card payments that we receive. Our Customers can rest assured that their personal data will only be used for the efficient operation of our business as it pertains to you.

Accessing Your Data
If, at any point, you are interested in viewing the data that American Medical Products has on file for you, whether to correct or modify information or to simply see what we have, please contact one of our outstanding customer care professionals. Our customer care staff will be happy to provide you with the information that you are looking for.

Third Party Websites
American Medical Products would like our customers to note that we cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of the websites that offer a link to or a link from our website. American Medical Products may occasionally recommend a business or product from our own website, we cannot be held responsible for their own privacy and business practices. We urge our Customers to be informed consumers and make a note of the rules and privacy policies that other websites maintain.


Customer Consent
When you use our website, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as we have detailed in our Privacy Policy.


American Medical Products reserves the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy without prior notification; changes will be posted on our website following the implementation of the changes so that our Customers will have the most current information.

Privacy Policy Changes
American Medical Products reserves the right to periodically review and make changes to our Privacy Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted prominently on our website, and might be emailed to our customers if they have opted to receive notifications from us. Changes to the Privacy Policy will only be made with the best interests of our customer’s in mind.


Our Privacy Pledges To You

·        American Medical Products pledges never to sell the information provided by our customers to a third party – under any circumstances.

·        American Medical Products pledges to use your information in an effort to provide a much more personalized shopping experience for our valued customers.

·        American Medical Products pledges to maintain the complete privacy of your personal and banking details; our financial institutions have guarantees in place to do the same.

·        American Medical Products will do our utmost to provide our Customers with a customized shopping experience that is miles above others.


American Medical Products may send our Customers email notifications of new products, new pricing plans, and new promotions that may be of personal interest to you. If you prefer not to receive these valuable email notifications then you may opt out at any point in time.


At American Medical Products we are committed to providing our customers with not just an excellent world-class website, but we are also committed to providing the highest levels of personal data protection that will allow our customers to shop in a safe online environment.