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Are you currently a patient of oxygen therapy? Are you looking for the best there is in portable oxygen concentrators? The technology in POC’s (portable oxygen concentrators) has evolved dramatically in recent years to provide patients with an increased mobility while still having access to a reliable and continuous oxygen supply.

The Past

In years past oxygen therapy patients were limited in their mobility due to the unwieldiness of the oxygen tank that provided them with the vital continuous flow of oxygen that they needed. Oxygen therapy patients were largely housebound – tethered to a large oxygen tanks. If patients needed to leave their homes they either needed to manually fill smaller portable cylinders or they needed to haul around larger tank on a wheeled cart.

Patients needed to schedule the delivery of their oxygen tanks and refills, and often had to try to maneuver large hazardous tanks around by themselves.

The Future Is Here

Time and technology have worked together to now provide oxygen therapy patients with portable oxygen concentrators that combine the life-saving oxygen patients need while improving the quality of patients lives. With smaller, safer, and less stigmatizing units, portable oxygen concentrators have never been easier to use!

American Medical Products is devoted to helping oxygen therapy patients improve the overall quality of their lives! With over 18 years of experience and an on-staff Respiratory Therapist, Shabana Baig CRTT., who holds over 20 years of experience in the industry, American Medical Products can help to select the best portable oxygen concentrator for your individual needs.

With a belief that a high quality portable oxygen concentrator should offer dependability along with the portability that is expected, American Medical Products can help to find the best solution for your oxygen therapy needs. Don’t trust your medical needs to an unknowledgeable salesperson; instead, trust your health to a trained medical expert who can help identify your needs and find the best solution to meet those needs.

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